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New Leaders Council

Meet the 2018 Fellows: Erik Omar Servellon

Leading up to our Progressing the Good Life event on June 8, we will be introducing the 2018 fellows. Today, we meet Erik Omar Servellon.

Tell us a little about yourself.  

I am a first-generation Latino-American born in Los Angeles. My family is from El Salvador and most of them crossed as undocumented immigrants. Only by the mercy of an immigration judge did my family receive their "Green Cards". My childhood was spent in Compton, East LA, and Inglewood. We moved to Nebraska after my dad found work as a trash man. After he passed away in the summer of 2000, our family had already rooted in Omaha and I could not imagine anywhere else being home.

After a formative deployment to Afghanistan, I decided to return home and "Continue to Serve". I served my nation, now, I decided, it was time to serve my community. In under a year after returning, I have launched my campaign for elected office and joined a number of boards

Why New Leaders Council (NLC)?

I am still finding my voice. And I'm eager to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue my vision for a progressive world. New Leaders Council is purpose-built for someone like me. Through NLC, I knew I would learn how to make my vision a reality and what it means to be progressive. The ever-growing network of like-minded yet diverse leaders only adds to the amazing value that NLC provides.

What have you gained through your experience at NLC?

On top of the alumni, I've gained the friendship and perspectives of 18 other amazing young, progressive leaders. Beyond the NLC Omaha family, NLC has provided me with the means by which I will fulfill my progressive ends. I now know how to make my vision a reality - a capability with unlimited potential.

What's one fun fact or something people are surprised to learn about you?

People are very surprised to learn I have a tattoo, can shoot better than most of the NRA, and ride a motorcycle.

Briefly describe your capstone project.

My campaign for Learning Community is my capstone. To go one step further, I will endeavor to infuse my campaign with a strong progressive social media presence, robust field campaign, and insistence that our public servants should do just that: serve the public.

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