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New Leaders Council

Meet our fellows: Luper Akough

Leading up to the graduation of our 2017 Fellows, we will be introducing you to members of the 2017 class. Today, we meet Luper Akough.

Tell us a little about yourself.  IMG_4838.jpg

I am an entrepreneur. I own a real estate holding company and also an insurance agency. I try my best in making the world a better place for people to live, work, and play while also being a financial literacy resource so that they may live a purposeful life. I am one of 5 children of a Nigerian immigrant that believed that the American Dream is possible. I want to help others see their dream as well.

What attracted you to the New Leaders Council?

I was attracted to the professional development training. I also had interest in knowing a little bit more about fundraising. Lastly, the interesting topics that would come up when you put twenty some people in one room.

What have you gotten out of the fellowship?

It has always interested me to learn more, apply more, and meet more people. This program has allowed me to check all these boxes. It has also allowed me to understand myself and how I fit in the big picture.

Why do you love Omaha?

I love Omaha because of the opportunity to grow in many different aspects. The low cost of living and cost to do business has allowed me to reach levels I never thought possible which in turn has allowed me to give back to others.

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